Casting Services

Steel Casting:

Casting of all types of plain carbon steel, WCB, LCB, such as oil and gas valves , Ball Valve and Globe Valve, Plug Valve and Gate Valve. A variety of alloy steel such as MO40, VCN, MN520, warmed steel.

Cast Iron Casting:
Ductile cast iron casting, HiCr cast iron, Ni Hard, special cast iron such as anti-wear mine hammers, parts for cement industry, cubits and ….

Stainless Steel Casting:

Casting of all types of 304,316,304L,316L, Duplex and Group 400 stainless steels, and refractory steel such as pump shells, Impellers, propellers, lids and parts for petrochemical and oil and gas parts.

Casting of Colored Metals:
Casting of Aluminum Bronze (B148) with different grades such as C95800, C95200, …
Casting of all grades is based on related standard and covers all the attributes. Quality certificate is issued for them all.

Application of Aluminum Bronze Alloys:

These alloys are copper based and have 4 to 11 percent aluminum and some of them have a percentage of iron, nickel, manganese and silicone. Due to high corrosion resistance in sea conditions which includes general corrosion and pitting corrosion, and also creep and corrosion fatigue and from other side it has good stability as much as carbon steel and good resistance against cavitation , it has a wide variety of applications in sea and oil industries.