Lab and Test Services

Mirab Company, with over 33 years record in the field of industry and production is ready to give lab services in industrial level. Modern equipment and professional experts, speed and precision are the guarantee and result of our work.

Mirab Lab Divisions:

  • Industrial valves hydrostatic lab
  • Metallurgy lab
  • Wet Chemistry Lab
  • Rubber lab
  • Mechanic Lab
  • Lab for foundry sand
  • Salt spray lab


 Mirab Lab Services


  • Industrial valves’ hydrostatic test
  • Quanto-metric Analysis
  • Analysis in Atomic Absorption method
  • Analysis in spectrophotometric method
  • Measuring Carbon and Sulfur by Struline machine
  • Analysis of all ferroalloys 
  • • Hardness Test (Brinell, Rockwell, Walker methods)
  • Rubber tensile test
  • Rubber Compression set Test
  • Rubber hardness test- Steel and cast iron metallography with the aid of Image Analyzer
  • Corrosion Test with Salt Spray method- Damage test-
  • Tensile test for metals
  • Impact test
  • UT Test