These valves were designed and manufactured on order from Tana Energy Company to be installed in the first module of Gilan Water Treatment Plant. Because of the size of the valve and maintenance issues Scotch Yoke pneumatic actuator is installed on the valve.

Technical Characteristics of Scotch Yoke pneumatic actuator:

  • These actuators are used on different types of quarter turn valves (butterfly, ball, needle)
  • Linear movement of the piston is turned to quarter turn through Scotch Yoke mechanism. There is a lot of torque pressure upon opening of the valve and in the middle of the course it creates less torque which is totally compatible with the required torque of the valve
  • Preparation for installation of complementary equipment based on NAMUR standard has been made
  • In case of emergency and power cut, the valve can operate with the saved pressure or a spring
  • This actuator works up to 11600 NM in pressure between 3 to 8 bars. Outside this range, other actuators can be ordered custom made
  • On customer request, the actuator can be manufactured two-way (in and out with pressured air) or one-way) in with pressurized air, out with spring)
  • Based on circumstances and project requirements, solenoid valves (single bobbin 5.2, double bobbin 5.3 or 3.2), limit switch box (to be informed to valve open status on site or remote) and/or positioner with 4 to 10 Amp input (to control valve open/close status from zero to 90 degrees)
  • Valves can be installed for this actuator in case of a need to insert air or if there is lack of pressurized air, the valve can be maneuvered.