Young Journalists Club Economic Group: Mohsen Tarztaleb, CEO of Thermal Power Generation Company, at the inauguration of Assaluyeh power plant steam unit, emphasizing that the first steam unit project of Assaluyeh Combined Cycle Power Plant will be put into operation with an investment of 2,240 billion Tomans, said: More than 70% of the project equipment is made by domestic manufacturers.

It should be noted that Mirab Heat Exchanger Company is a manufacturer of bundle tubes used in this project.

At the time of construction of the project, 2,300 people were directly and indirectly employed, he said: increasing the efficiency of the power plant to about 50%, sustainable electricity supply, reducing environmental pollutants, increasing the efficiency of electricity production and annual savings of 846 million cubic meters in the consumption of fossil fuels is one of the important features of this project.

Tarztalab emphasized that the main fuel of this power plant is gas and its supporting fuel is diesel, he continued: During the construction period, more than 150 contractors, suppliers and manufacturers have cooperated. The investor of this project is Assaluyeh Mapna Power Generation Company and its contractor is Mapna Group Consortium, Development One Company and Development Two Company

The CEO of the thermal power generation company estimated the total capacity of Assaluyeh power plant at 1,452 MW and said: “This power plant includes six gas units and three steam units, with an efficiency of 30.9% in the gas section of the power plant and 44.9% in the total efficiency of Assaluyeh combined cycle power plant.”