In March 2019, the operation and installation of two 1,200 sheathed valves were successfully completed in concrete ponds for these valves. These valves were manufactured by Mirab Company on the order of Hydro Niroo Pars Company for installation at the outlet of Karamabad Dam.
The following are the technical features of this product:
Sheath valve is used as an outdoor drain valve and due to its design and installation type, the space required for installation and noise level of this valve during operation compared to other valves available for outdoor drain ( The cone discharge is less than the needle.
The outlet of this valve has several types, often in three types: V-Ported, Perforated and Slotted.
Depending on the installation conditions, the upstream pressure and the flow rate required are one of these three types. In this project, the V-Ported output cylinder is made of 1.4301 stainless steel. The valve is equipped with a gearbox and electric actuator manufactured by Auma Germany.