Currently we are at the final stages of manufacture and testing of Hydraulic Valve size 2500 mm and pressure 25 bar in Mirab Factory. This valve is manufactured to the order of FARAB Company to be installed in Uma Oya hydro-electrical power plant in Sri Lanka.
The Valve disc pattern is Bi-Plane type, so that it is resistant against the high pressure of the liquid as well as decreasing the pressure drop (around 0.1 m of water column) .
For this valve, in By-Pass there is a DN250 needle valve equipped with hydraulic jack which will open because of the pressure of the inbound liquid to the valve and balances the pressure on both sides of the disc to reduce the needed torque for opening and closing of the valve .
Mirab Emergency valves which are equipped with weight loaded hydraulic actuator and other advanced equipment are installed in the entrance of tanks, after pumping stations or the entrance of turbines as normal open( or normal close) valves, so that in case of any accident they are closed automatically and with a calculated speed so that the pipeline and the equipment are safe from any serious damage. These valves are mainly manufactured in sizes between 400 to 2000 mm. For more information please refer to Mirab Company Catalogue.