This valve was designed and manufactured by the flagship company for installation in the first section of the Persian Gulf water pipeline to the industries in the south-east of the country.
Due to the pressure of 63 bar and the need for complete sealing of the impeller valve at this pressure, the mechanism is metal-to-metal sealing and disc bearing in the body as a Triple Eccentric (three off-center).
Three times off-center disk design in the body for the first time in Mirab Co. with specialized software in the technical engineering unit of the company was thoroughly analyzed and analyzed. Performance at the desired speeds and speeds required compliance with the relevant standards.
All the process of designing, manufacturing, machining and final testing of this valve has been done by Mirab Company and its specialists. The body strength test of this valve was carried out in accordance with EN 12266-1 DIN, 95 bar pressure and 70 bar sealing test, without leakage (Zero Leakage) and with complete success. The valve is equipped with Mirab’s gearbox and Aoma’s electric actuator.