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Needle Valve (CNF)

Size (mm) : 200-2000
Pressure rating : 6-40 (bar)
Body Material: All Types of Cast Iron, Carbon Steel
Piston Material: Stainless Steel

The annular flow cross section prevents vibration and allows a linear ratio of flow variation to the valve opening percentage. Linear movement of the plunger in forward direction causes reduction of flow rate and at the end position closes the valve with complete tightness by positioning the piston profile sealing ring on the seat ring.

Paint Coating :
Electrostatic epoxy powder (RAL 5005 or 5015) with min. thickness 250 micron.

Application :
• Pressure control and flow adjustment in pumping lines and main supply lines.
• Discharging fluid as end-line valve
• Usable for raw water and raw water with max. working temperature 70°C. (other media on request),

Product features:
• One-Piece or three-pieces curved body style
• Valve operation by worm gearbox, electric or hydraulic actuator
• Smooth piston movement in each direction without vibration due to long piston guide
• Different types of replaceable seat rings and cylinders as per service condition (Standard, Vaned, Slotted, Multiple orifice)