Advice, Calculation, and Analysis

Technical advice, engineering recommendations, and data analysis

Technical Services:

  • Consultation on technical issues of industrial valves used in water and waste water industry, including choosing the correct type, size, pressure and other needed characteristics.
  • Analysis of design engineering data, and providing executive solutions and improvement of quality of valve conduct in piping lines
  • Provide technical suggestions for automation of valves and providing solutions for using them in telemetering systems and control of water distribution system.
  • Making familiar with standards related to Industrial valves
  • Assist in the development and transfer of acquired skills to industrial pipework users
  • Numerical Calculation of mechanical and hydraulic parameters for valve design
  • Design of special valves for water and waste water industry , along with mechanical and hydraulic analysis of the design
  • Simulation of hydrodynamic behavior of valves ( such as CFD) in water piping systems with the most advanced, up-to-date software, along with preparing and reporting analytical reports on the subject of the project.