Core Values Mirab

We, as employees in Mirab Industrial Group believe in below behavioral and professional values and will do anything to visualize them and make them Institutionalized.

  • Adherence to professional and occupational morals
  • Adherence to promises, sense of responsibility, ability to be criticized, having a happy demeanor and being polite
  • To present the most innovative solutions for the most difficult and complicated problems in the realm of construction
  • To deliver the superior quality, to employ the innovative human resources with the particular skills
  • Caring for results, being able to take risks, team work, innovation and believing in organizational learning
  • Respecting customers, Creating an effective and ongoing relationship with them as one of the main capitals of the organization
  • Quicker recognition of the customer needs in the realm of construction and an effective , efficient and comprehensive response to these needs
  • Using the professional modern science along with using the advanced technology to design new services which are even beyond the needs of the customers
  • Maintaining morality among colleagues and competitors, effective accountability towards customers and creating value for share holders
  • Creating an atmosphere of sincerity, trust, honesty and decency with colleagues and customers
  • A constructive and ongoing interaction with authorized and superior local and international suppliers
  • Observing discipline, order, adornment of the work area and neatness of appearance

Core Values