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Mr. Morteza Tavadjoh, the founder of Mirab Industrial Group (PE) started its activity in a rented 350 sqm workshop somewhere around Azari Square, Tehran, under the name of Forminkar.


Mr. Morteza Tavadjoh, the founder of Mirab Industrial Group (PE) started its activity in a rented 350 sqm workshop somewhere around Azari Square, Tehran, under the name of Forminkar. Forminkar started its activity by design and manufacture of all kinds of industrial parts (molds for casting industry). At first, these parts included railway locomotive cylinder covers, Dorman diesel engine cylinder, cast iron parts of centrifugal, axial flow and floating pumps, cast iron exhaust of all types of cars and sensitive parts needed by the automotive industry and other industries. With the development of the working space, a casting unit with diesel rotary furnaces was established in 1983 for the production of cast iron parts. According to the law, all trade units that are converted from workshops to factories must operate outside the 120-kilometer limits of big cities, however, in 1984 to support Forminkar, the Minister of Heavy Industries at the time presented the plan to continue the industrial activity of this company in Tehran in the Council of Ministers. Because of the special importance and priority of this company's activity, the license to continue and develop its industrial activity was issued specially for the city of Tehran.

Cooperation with Water Industry

Until the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the production of industrial valves needed for the country’s water supply, like many other goods, was dependent on non-Iranian manufacturers and was imported from abroad. But during the imposed war and with the imposition of western sanctions, the direction of the policy of reducing the country’s dependence and the need to expand the country’s water supply network led the founder of this industrial group in 1986 to the decision to set his long-term goal on the production of needed industrial valves for the water and sewage industry and enter the field of this important sector. This decision was based on the experience gained in the fields of modeling, casting, machining of parts, as well as increasing the equipment needed in this industry.

The company’s determination to link cooperation with the country’s water and sewage industry forced it to choose a fitting name for its new activity. The new name Mirab was chosen and this company, while establishing relations with famous companies in the valve industry of the world and acquiring their experience and technology, started the production of the first series of high-quality butterfly valves based on and equal to international standards. The results of the field investigations of the application and use of smart equipment in the water industry showed the improvement of methods and the increase in the quantitative and qualitative level of exploitation of industry facilities, including water valves. In the following years, Mirab company was able to take another successful step in this direction by communicating with the world’s automation industry giants and by supplying modern electric actuators from the German AUMA industrial group, hydraulic actuators from the German HAWE and Rexroth companies, and pneumatic actuators from the German Festo company and added another service to the water industry of our beloved country.

Cooperation with Other Industries (Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry)

The application of Mirab products in part of Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry industry was another reason that Mirab Company gained a prominent role in different affiliated companies of Oil Ministry. Production of specialized valves for salty sea water for the water collection section of Assaluyeh Refinery in phases 1,2 and 3 in 1996, and other phases in the following years is part of this activity.


Today Mirab, with over 4 decades of experience of presence in Valve Manufacturing Industry and receiving valid international certificates, has given additional reassurance for its customers. Product quality certificate from Lloyd's Register of England and DVGW of Germany were among the certificates that Mirab Company was able to receive for its products. Along the way, IMS certificates were obtained, including three certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. The constant maintenance of international quality has enabled this company to change the direction of exports instead of imports in addition to meeting the needs of the country and export a significant share of its products to Asian, European, African and South American countries. In addition, Mirab Company has received the necessary certificates as a standard partner laboratory and is about to provide its scientific and laboratory services in the fields of hydrostatic, chemical and quantum testing to universities, customers and other related industries.



With the increase in production capacity, in 2007 the company obtained a land covering 200000 sqm in Shamsabad Industrial Zone and proceeded with the first stage of its expansion plan and since 2011 all units, except casting and laboratory department were transferred to this site. The transfer of the remaining units of the company continued until 2020 and since then Mirab Company has become fully operational in Shamsabad Site

Current Situation

At the moment around 550 people are actively employed in the company and in addition to that a significant number of personnel are active in their designated units based on Mirab instructions on contract basis. With 34 active local offices and presence in 26 countries across the globe, this industrial group is privileged to provide industrial valves or technical and industrial services in the shortest time

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