Water is the source of life and the basis for human civilization

everyone is well aware of its importance and necessity. In recent years and due to the hot and dry climate governing our country, water crisis and its shortage, has become more prominent and unfortunately we have been witnessing the loss of some biological resources, such as Urumiyeh Lake. Under such critical situation, the irregular and unfair use by some consumers in household, agricultural and industrial sectors has intensified this serious problem and the concern of a vague future has worried everyone.

It is a sure fact that to pass any problem, we need the overall will power of all our fellow citizens and in this hard route, the officials and concerned managers should take necessary steps to make the most of water resources and deliver the best plans and modern methods to look for solutions.

To reach this goal, Mirab Company, in the course of three decades of its activity, as a small member in this domain, has always tried to take steps by presenting products with the highest qualities and based on the latest standards of the world and carrying out great national and international projects are proof to this claim. In recent years we have been able to come to mass production with competitive price in the field of Building piping system valves in recent years, based on our achievements in our R&D department, while maintaining the quality of the product.

High volume of export to GCC countries, Africa, Central Europe and South America is another achievement of Mirab Family in the way of internationalizing Iran and Iranian products.

I hope, with the help of God Almighty, I’d be able to achieve more success for our dear country and make more effort for economic flourish creating jobs.

O’ God! Please make our destiny in a way that
you are pleased and we are prosperous