Domestic and Foreign Purchase

The engineering purchase department of Mirab, with its experienced staff and combination of the expertise of the young and educated skilled employees, has been able to meet the company’s extensive and various small needs with efficient dynamics. All needed material has been provided from known, local, or foreign sources.

This unit works as a solid unit with four departments as follows:

Supply Unit
Contractors, Contracts, and Logistics Unit
Projects Unit
The following activities are carried out in this department using modern technology, utilizing MIS software, and comprehensive statistics software to analyze the data and provide analytic reports in spreadsheets:

Providing the Raw materials for the foundry department, the items needed for the production department, including iron and tools
Providing the equipment and machinery needed for the organization
The issues concerning logistics and transportation
Carrying out specialized projects concerning manufacturing special tools, molds, models, etc.
Monitoring indices introduced in the IMS system, such as input data and OTD,…and analyzing them.