Sales and Marketing Development

Responsibility to support and give service to customers and agents

Sales Department

Mirab’s Sales Department has the responsibility to support and give service to our dear customers and agents:

The most important roles of this department are as follows:

1. Prioritizing annual sales goals
2. Defining annual sales strategies
3. Defining price
4. Issuing Pro forma invoice
5. Issuing invoice
6. Issuing picking list
7. Delivery of goods to customer

Market Development Department

Mirab Market Development Department has been established with the goal of developing branding activities, propagation and use of advanced marketing tools, market research aiming at market survey and generally aiming for paving the road for attracting new customers, creating an infrastructure for increasing sales, expanding the sales region and rendering service to new customers and establishment of amiable business relation with new and old customers in the field of different utilities, including steel, agriculture, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.