Sleeve Valve (CSD)

This valve is commonly used as a discharge valve at the end of pipelines, dams, and hydro powers. In addition to the needle (plunger) valve and fixed con-free discharge valve, the Sleeve valve is applicable for dissipating the energy of water, isolating and throttling at the end of the storage tank pipeline.
This valve is able to maintain the flow rate on a constant value for a long time or discharge a great volume of fluid during flood time in order to decrease stresses on dam walls.


Size (mm): 200-2200

Pressure rating: 6-65 (bar)
Body Material: All Types of Carbon Steel
Sleeve Material: Stainless Steel

Paint Coating :
Electrostatic epoxy powder (RAL 5005 or 5015) with min. thickness 250 micron.

Application :
Sleeve Valves are used as on–off & also throttling discharge equipment in dams, power plants & pipelines.

Operation :
This type of valve is positioned on a concrete pedestal & injects water from a special form of a valve downstream.

Injection of water into the concrete wall that is reinforced by stainless steel plate cause smashing of the high level of water energy & leads to overflow from the pond slowly