Nickel Aluminum Bronze Wafer Type for Sea Water (BCW)

The body is suitable for installation between flanges that are drilled in accordance with DIN EN 1092 or ANSI Class 150 for pressure up to 16 bars (ANSI Class 300 and higher as per request). In the open position, the disc will be in the middle, allowing the best flow condition with minimum pressure loss. The seat is in a U-shape rubber liner that covers the inside of the body, is replaceable, and provides reliable sealing from both directions. The lug types can be supplied with all the above-mentioned specifications for end-of-pipe installation.


Size (mm) : 20-600
Pressure rating : 6-16 (bar)
Body Material: NiAlBz ,AlBz
Disc Material: NiAlBz ,AlBz


Suitable for fluids such as seawater and industrial sewage.
Lightweight and smaller dimensions due to small thickness, in accordance with ISO 5752 series 20 or EN 558 series 20, give the advantages of easy installation and minimum space required. Can be installed in all positions (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc.) A U-shaped rubber lining inside the valves insulates the valve body from the fluid, eliminates the need for a sealing a washer between the valve and the connecting flanges, and is replaceable. Completely sealed in both directions. Suitable for shut-off and flow control Cause small pressure loss.
Note: There is no need for a sealing washer in these types of valves, sealing washers disrupt valve performance.

 Wafer-type butterfly valve with a replaceable liner is not suitable for firefighting systems.

Miral Co. recommended valve for fire fighting system is a wafer-type butterfly valve with a vulcanized liner