Single Chamber – Double Orifice Triple Function Air Valve (AST)

Air valves as self-actuated valves play an important role which is the venting of the trapped air in the main and supply lines. In these types of valves, the fluid flow activates the venting operation. A large venting orifice allows large volumes of air to be released on start-up and enters the pipe for vacuum breaking on shut down. A small venting orifice allows air bubbles to be released under the fluid pressure.

It’s strongly recommended to install air valves in high points of the pipeline, after pumps and control valves.
Also for flat pipelines, it’s required to consider air valves in each 500 to 1000 meters.


Size (mm): 50-200

Pressure rating: 6-40 (bar)
Body Material: All Types of Ductile Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys
Float Material: All Types of Stainless Steel

Paint Coating :
Electrostatic epoxy powder (RAL 5005 or 5015) with min. thickness 250 micron.

Product features:
Reliable design
Small dimension
Sealing: NBR or EPDM
Screws of corrosion-resistant steel A2
Electrostatic epoxy powder coating
Higher capacity than double chamber valves
Internal parts made of corrosion-resistant steel
Float made of Polypropylene for valves up to PN16
Float made of Stainless steel for valves PN25 and more