Needle Valve (CNF)

The annular flow cross-section prevents vibration and allows a linear ratio of flow variation to the valve opening percentage. Linear movement of the plunger in a forward direction causes a reduction of flow rate and at the end position closes the valve with complete tightness by positioning the piston profile sealing ring on the seat ring.


Size (mm): 200-2000

Pressure rating: 6-40 (bar)
Body Material: All Types of Cast Iron, Carbon Steel
Piston Material: Stainless Steel

Paint Coating :
Electrostatic epoxy powder (RAL 5005 or 5015) with min. thickness 250 micron.

Application :
• Pressure control and flow adjustment in pumping lines and main supply lines.
• Discharging fluid as end-line valve
• Usable for raw water and raw water with max. working temperature 70°C. (other media on request),

Product features:
• One-Piece or three-piece curved body style
• Valve operation by worm gearbox, electric or hydraulic actuator
• Smooth piston movement in each direction without vibration due to the long piston guide
• Different types of replaceable seat rings and cylinders as per service condition (Standard, Vaned, Slotted, Multiple orifices)